Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Top 10 K-Pop Songs of 2013 +++

Wow, it has been such a long time since I last did a blog post and this, OH WOW, I don't even know. I know this blog is personal stuff and all but wow. Anyways let's get going. And about the +++ stuff, you guys will understand it at the very end of the post. 

Just a little disclaimer that this is definitely my personal taste on the songs that have come out this year. Really good songs have come out, but only some can stay on the list. MUAHAHA. My opinion please don't be mad okay ? 
Heheh, LET'S GO.

10. Be The Light [빛이 되어줘] by Block B

As a BBC, this song and this comeback was one of the most emotional one that I've ever witnessed. I really want to say thank you to Seven Seasons Entertainment to take the courage and bring out Block B from the messed that was surrounded by them and the members stay so strong throughout and this song was literally such a heartbreaker song. Such a beautiful tender and strong messaged song and I just cannot. This song is the bomb. Welcome home Block B. :') 

9. The Ghost of Wind [바람의 유령] by ZE:A

Sorry but this is one the best song from ZE:A ever. I mean, from debut they have had songs that are pretty cute and addictive but it was just okay. The have step up their game with this song and I hope that the company will make more songs towards ZE:A that are just as good as this one. The song itself is just amazing, and their choreography is just flawless in this song. As much as we know Kwanghee (my ZE:A bias) is just a comical man, in this comeback he was so focused that I went 'Whoa'. I love everything about this song, it was just a little sad that the song didn't win anything :\ But may ZE:A win a music show soon ~

8. Voodoo Doll [저주인형] by VIXX

I have known VIXX since debut and so far 'On & On' was the song that stood out for me and then this song came out. Just okay, this song is just so good. It had that factor that is so good, catchy and just easy to listen and repeat for countless amount of time. I am still singing this song. (Well, yeah, I know the song is kinda new). But good job VIXX, this song is really good. Though, it took me a whole month or maybe a tad bit more that that to finally watch the full music video, I keep watching the dance version or live music show version cause the intro of the video was just way to gory. 

7. Growl [으르렁] by EXO

Okay, this was my favourite comeback song from EXO in this years massive amount of comeback that they have. This was just addictive, catchy and just plain fun to sing along and also to dance along. The dance was what everyone was trying to cover and just learning too. A real good song. Good job SM.

6. Miss Right [긴 생머리 그녀] by Teen Top

Oh gawd, how do I even start with this song. I mean, I don't get why this song didn't win any music show awards because I think, this might have been the MOST addictive song that I have ever listen this year. This is also the most used song in my daily life. xD I quote the song so much that people got absolutely tired of it but I still love it. Every time I hear the song, I sing to it. Just an amazing catchy tune and a catchy song from them. LOVE.

5. Missing You [그리워해요] by 2NE1

My favourite track from all the singles that 2NE1 has released. I mean its real good. It goes back to their 'Lonely' comeback era but a much more addicting one. 

4. Ringa Linga [링가 링가] by Taeyang

I had to include this song just because it was such a long wait for his comeback. Every single VIP and every single Youngbae fan have waited over years for him to get back a solo comeback and this was it. Though, I had to admit it took me the second time to realise why he chooses this song. I always forget that Taeyang was suppose to be a rapper alongside G-Dragon in their debut days. He's doing songs that he love and I can feel his passion in this comeback. Amazing catchy song and choreo. 

3. Destiny by Infinite

My ultimate group, unf, this song this comeback was just the word 'UNF'. I have no other way of explaining it. It was such a pretty comeback in the midst of them preparing for their One Great Step World Tour and just I don't even know. It was just a really good comeback ~

2. MAMAMA by Tasty

The only reason this beat Destiny was this song was really addictive and Dongwoo / Hoya helped in the making of this song. But I have to say, Tasty twins does not have enough support to make them win a music show yet which is sad because so far, their songs have been really catchy with really intense and fun choreo. But again, such an addictive song. 

1. Man In Love (남자가 사랑할때) by Infinite

All you people in the house who knows me should've have guessed it from the very beginning. This boy band called Infinite wrecked the whole thing. This comeback was the most cutest and manliest also challenging in choreography that I have seen. It was cute because every member was doing something that commit into being in love and the song was just amazing. The song won so many music awards and seriously, Infinite deserved it. The song was just cute and adorable and the vocal line was just so good in here and the rap was place on the right places. The choreo was just unf. It was so cute and complicated :P But yes, this song is my Number One favourite song of 2013. 
Infinite Jjang ~~

Honourable Mentions

/// COUP D'ETAT [쿠데타] Album - G-Dragon /// It Rains [비가 온다] - Kang Seungyoon /// Hush - Miss A /// What's Happening / What's Going On [이게 무슨 일이야] - B1A4 /// Without You [니가 없을 때] (ft Zion.T) - Infinite H /// One Shot - B.A.P /// Yoohoo - Secret /// Give It to Me - SISTAR /// U & I - Ailee /// Hello [여보세요] - NU'EST /// Incredible - XIA (Junsu) [ft. Quincy] /// Butterfly - Kim Jaejoong /// Rose - Lee Hi /// N.O. - BTS /// Just Go - Rania /// What's Your Name ? [이름이 뭐예요] - 4 MINUTE /// A.D.T.O.Y - 2PM /// Standing Still - U-KISS /// Shadow [그림자] - B2ST /// Female President [여자 대통령] - Girls' Day /// Let's Talk About Love (ft. G-Dragon & Taeyang) - Seungri  /// Snake [능구렁이] - A-JAX /// What You Want [말만해] (ft. Kim Sunggyu) - Kanto /// Trap (ft. Taemin & Kyuhyun) - Henry ///

p/s : the italic and bold are just to differentiate the songs to one another. if not it looks like a cluster.

Hello 2014 ~ :D 

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Improved 30 Days Song Challenge : Day 30

Day 30
A Song That Makes You Want to Drive Fast & Crazy

Before I finish off this challenge, I wanna say thank you to everyone who stop by to read this. It has been a brain wrenching 30 days to come up with songs. So yeah, I am glad that this is done and over with ! :)

With that, the last song that I have chosen for the challenge is;

Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance

Well come on now, once you listen to the song. It is the song that you would go fast and crazy while driving. Even though in reality, I drive way too safe, this song brings a different side of it. And with that, let the song do the talking ! 

- mahirah aznam -

Friday, 22 February 2013

Improved 30 Days Song Challenge : Day 29

Day 29
A Song That Makes You Want to Punch Someone in the Face


Thnks fr th Mmrs by Fall Out Boys 

This has to be the hardedst one in the list. Without a doubt ! I have to go through my memory bank in the brain to take out some hardcore memory with someone that make me wanna punch their face, literally. And finally, this is the song. Honestly, I love this song and still am but if all of the sudden I remember this person, I do feel like punching that person's face cause we did have a fight which I feel is ridiculously stupid because the person started it and spread some nasty and unrealistic rumours of me around. So yes, if I remember that particular person when this song come along in the iPod, I do wish to punch that person's face.I'm sorry it had to be this song but I think the title says it all. 

- mahirah aznam - 

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Improved 30 Days Song Challenge : Day 28

Day 28
Another Favourite Song form Another Favourite Album


Soledad by Westlife
Album : Coast to Coast

I'll let the song do the talking. Beautiful song :) 

- mahirah aznam -

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Improved 30 Days Song Challenge : Day 27

Day 27
A Song You Wish You Could Play on an Instrument


Haru Haru by BIGBANG
하루하루 - 빅방

Without a doubt, it has to be this song. This song was the song that introduced me to BIGBANG. The intro song a without a doubt one of my Top 3 favourite songs by them. Now the instrument that I am interested in learning this song is the piano. I've listen to acoustic version of it all the time and it brings a much more emotional impact to the song rather than the normal speed one. I just love the acoustic version more and I wonder if they'll ever do a proper orchestral version of this song. I know they have perform a live orchestral version but I want a proper recorded one. 

And of course, I want to learn this on piano. I heard so many version of the piano cover to this song and it hurts me that I only know how to strum a guitar not even plucking =.=' I suck at instruments man. So yeah, if can I play this on the piano, it'll be awesome. This song just sounds amazing on piano. AMAZING. Gah, I really wish I am an instruments genius now. I really wish I could play this song on the piano. Oh gosh, the frustration. Let's not go there. So yes, this is the song. The song that I wish I could play on an instrument. 

-mahirah aznam-

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Improved 30 Days Song Challenge : Day 26

Day 26 
The Perfect Song to Listen to When You Are Angry 


Earthquake by The Used

This is such a super emo song that'll just kill your soul. And I mean it. The song is a love song with lyrics that is incredibly emo. I'll share the lyrics in a moment. And here it is;

"Let me save us,
I've slaughtered us,
I've murdered our love, 
I can taste it,
This blood in mouth,
The knife in my lungs"

The reason I choose this song is that, as much as you're angry and when you listen to this song, you'll cry. That's the point. For me, once you've released everything, all the emotions in you, you're good to go and live life on. I know it may seem weird but you're angst is not good if its not released. That's why I listen to this and then I become emo and then I cry and I should be fine the day after. The release of emotions through crying actually helps. So thank you 'The Used' :) 

-mahirah aznam-

Monday, 18 February 2013

Improved 30 Days Song Challenge : Day 25

Day 25
A Song You Discovered on TV


House of the Rising Sun by Animals

Discovery : When Haley Reinhart sang it on American Idol. 

Original Version by Animals

Cover Version by Haley Reinhart

I just wished I knew the song earlier. Such an amazing song that is composed by the Animals. And when I heard Haley's rendition of this song on American Idol, I was blown away. I have to say after hearing the song, I immediately went on hunt to search the original. And since then, I keep searching for more cover versions of the song. Its such an awesome song.

The other reason why this song slowly become attached to me, was the fact that this song was a favourite song that my late brother always sing and I only got to know that a few months ago. My Aunt says that this song was the song he loves singing and somehow has brought meaning to his life and always cheers the family when he sang it. She was even surprise how I knew such a classic evergreen song. And I am surprise to know, it meant that much. 

I really wanna thank my dedication in watching American Idol and thank you Haley for singing this song and thank you the Animals for making this song. That's a lot of thanks but yes. Amazing song that has brought another story unfold in my life.

-mahirah aznam-